Ryowa House Sponsoring Local Musicians

Osedo-Chishima's New Electone for Asia Tour

Ryowa House is Happy to Help out Local Musicians.

It has been decided that the intrumental pair of Osedo-Chishima, who have performed for Ryowa House Charity Concerts, will be taking their brand new 「STAGEA/ELC02」 electone on tour with them in Asia. 「STAGEA/ELC02」 electones have not made their way yet to Japan or even Asia yet and it will be the first one across borders here in Japan.
Because Ryowa House wants to continue to support this local pair they have made a donation to help the import expenses of this rare electone allowing them to Tour and spread their love throughout Asia.

Ryowa House aims to increase the well-being and livelihood of our beloved “Hiroshima” and in doing so will continue to support local artists.

Go to the official site of Osedo-Chishima for more details on this instrument and donation.