Will you help us in creating a strong and passionate team?

What do you think that people who are looking for a place to rent want the most?
It is not just simple information of and guidance to the room itself.
What we are trying to do is listen and understand the customer's family circumstances and the reasons for the room search so we can propose rooms the suit them best.
We consider our job to be the work of "life advisors," carefully considering each customer's lifestyle and caring for your living space, which we understand is so very precious to you.
With a sincere attitude we devote ourselves to being reliable and expanding our branches at a pace of 1 new location a year. Each branch has an energetic, positive team leader and a supporting staff of 5-6 people.
We know how to be serious and yet have fun. Our teamwork is second to none.

Rather than a rigid organization of strict rules, we push each person to show their individuality in a flexible team building environment that can move and grow freely.
Our team is not yet complete, and we are looking forward to what you can bring!

Will you help us in creating a passionate team?

President & CEO Wada Nobuyuki

Ryowa House Co., Ltd.

President & CEO Wada Nobuyuki

Why work here? Let us tell you!

[Business Advantages]

An "old but new" company, always aiming to be a company that is growing!

Our motto is "Your best partner in finding a home" and we have been operating real estate brokerage and leasing since the company was founded over 40 years ago.
We have gained the trust of a diverse group of customers developing and rooting our business in our home of Hiroshima.
Presently, we have 13 locations in the Hiroshima City area and are #1 in the Chugoku district for property management with 19,185 units.
(According to the Shukan Zenkoku Chintai Jutaku Newspaper on August 7th, 2017)
Growth is important and why we are planning to expand our business even further without jeopardizing any of our current efforts or projects.
With a short term goal of 3 years from now, we plan to open a new office every year, expand to other prefectures such as Osaka and Tokyo, and surpass property management of 20,000 units.
Taking all of our experience and hard earned trust earned in our endeavors let's tackle new challenges together!
This is why your abilities and support are indispensable to us.

[Work Looks Like This]

All a customer needs to know is the "location, layout and rent," right? The answer is NO!

I am sure some of you have the experience of using a realtor to go looking for a new place to live by yourself or with a family.
But you know what pains us to hear?? "We found a place to live but it wasn't what we thought and the location was not convenient!"
We can help you avoid many of those overlooked gaps! It's our job to find you the best home!
It is our job to find out what kind of life our customer wants to live and before offering any location answering the questions like "Are the schools nearby? What about doctors? Convenient stores?"
These types of concerns being answered is one of best ways to please a customer.
Whether it is fulfilling customer needs at our offices or introducing new rentals around town, we have to find the answer to the ultimate question "What can we do to satisfy our customers?" This is our job.

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