To be loved by our customers

A company that shows hospitality

To love employees

A company that is loved by its employees


That all employees have a purpose

Living a happy life, making warm memories

A company that contributes to society

A company where all employees

Can share their ideas with each other


Penetrate into what our customers need

Be thankful for the life we have now

(put health first)

Your love affects others

(love your job, company and those around you)

Always be cheerful

Run the company through employee participation

(all employees take ownership)

Be leaders that want to be followed

Work is not completed by one person but with 100 supporters

(have pride in your job)

Continue with a zeal and passion

Your character is an extension of your job

(let's be life advisors!)

Earnestly share ideas

Pursue profits fairly

(go after profits conscious of numbers)

Keep a persistent mindset

(no matter the problem, be ready to take on a challenge)

Expenses come out of profits

Be a pioneer

(speak and act)

Make good on your promises for the goals you set

Don't live in a world of micro or macro-management

(keep a broad perspective)

Always treat our partners equally

Constantly be humble and not proud

You check, then I check

(don't loosen up until the work is complete)

Reflection is a shortcut to success

(read and perceive all you can)

Run the company like a big family

(a company your family will respect)

Keep life goals that bring meaning

Commpany Motto and vision statement