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Hatchobori, the belly of the beast. When people say downtown Hiroshima, they are likely referring to Hatchobori. The bulk of Hiroshima’s shopping, restaurants, izakaiyas, street musicians and pedestrians all conglomerate here. This is the place to be for those seeking a lively area and those looking to embrace the city hustle and bustle.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of things to do, see, eat and drink in the area. Here are few places that stand out.

Department Stores

Hatchobori is home to a large chunk of Hiroshima’s department stores. Department stores are obviously great for shopping; however, in Japan many department stores have the added benefit of beer gardens. Check out our article on the topic here and forever alter the way you look at Japanese department stores.


Perhaps the busiest place in the city, Hondori is a shopping arcade that stretches from Hatchobori straight to the Peace Park. If the peace park is the heart of Hiroshima, Hondori is the main artery. Street performers, musicians and even fortune tellers add to the ambiance. Even if you have no intention of entering a shop, it’s a very pleasant walk.


Hatchoza Cinema

Address: 16-10, Hatchobori, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City,  Hiroshima Toei Plaza Building, 8th Floor

Hatchoza has an old timey Japanese feel to the place, unique compared to the more westernized theatres found in the large shopping malls. They have a good variety of Japanese and foreign movies, which offers a nice change of pace from the Hollywood blockbuster movies available at the larger cinemas.

Round 1

Address: 3-11 Tatemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City

A monstrous building designated for entertainment, Round 1 is the largest entertainment center in the city. Round one offers video games, bowling, karaoke, darts, billiards, golf simulation games, baseball batting practice and more. This is a fun spot to kill some time.

Southern Cross

Address: 1-29 Hondori, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, 4th Floor

Legendary expat hang out. Run by long time Kiwi barman Anker Marcus, Southern Cross is a great place to make new friends. Swing by for a beer and a meat pie.

Popular Properties

Just south of Hatchobori is the Hiroshima Whole House building. It is within walking distance to everything that both Hatchobori and the drinking district have to offer. For those in need of centrally located and modern accommodation, Hiroshima Whole House is a great option.

Spacious with an abundance of natural light.







Smaller properties are also available.


Nice view of Hiroshima.


Modern look from the outside.


Unique Balcony.






For inquiries on living in the area contact us here at Ryowa House.


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