CSR Activities
Ryowa House is involved in CSR activities such as clean-up activities, charity concerts, supporting local sports teams and so much more.
What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

Corporate Social Responsibility doesn't just refer to companies pursuing profits but also to the impact of organizational activities on society. It refers to making appropriate decisions in response to requests from all stakeholders (consumers, investors and society as a whole).

Ryowa Holdings CSR Action Charter

Ryowa Holdings will stand united as one group and continue to promote CSR activities.

Through our daily business, we will fulfill our responsibility as a company and gain trust from society through various social actions inseparable from our business, including responses to environmental problems, social contributions, social welfare, the arts, culture, and sports.

The Concept of the CSR efforts at Ryowa House

Since its founding, Ryowa House has been based on the "trust" cultivated over the years with the Hiroshima people, focusing on the "Owner," the "Customer" and the "Employee" as the foundation of our business.

Each employee aims to be a reflection of the Ryowa House foundation and aid in us becoming a company everyone can count on.

CSR Activities