Company Profile

Company Name Ryowa House Co., Ltd.
Founded 1965
Incorporated February 1986
License Number 9113 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism
Head Office 2-10-1 Kusunokicho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
Wada Yoshio
Wada Nobuyuki
Paid-in Capital 70 million Japanese yen
Main Business 1. Leasing brokerage for rentals
2. Management of real estate
(property management, asset management, building management)
3. Buying and selling, buyer and seller agent, and brokerage of real estate
4. Design, construction and supervision of real estate
5. Planning and development of real estate
6. Condominium development
7. Agent for property insurance
8. All operations supplementary to the preceding items
Principal Financial Institutions Bank of Hiroshima Yokogawa
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Hiroshima Chuo
Hiroshima Shinyo Kinko Yokogawa ※Japanese
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Hiroshima
Business Partners R・RYOWA Co., Ltd.※Japanese
Tool Company Co., Ltd. (Leasing and sales of tool equipment)※Japanese
Takanosu Development Co., Ltd. (Takanosu Golf Club)※Japanese
Yell House Co., Ltd.
Dreamer Corporation(Wedding and funeral ceremonial functions)※Japanese
Affiliated Organizations National Real Estate Brokers and Guarantors Association
Hiroshima Prefecture Real Estate Brokers Association
West Japan Real Estate Distribution Organization Member
Japan Property Management Association
National Property Management Business Association
Certifications Real Estate Transaction Agent / Property Manager / Licensed Representative of Condominium Management / Licensed Strata Management Consultant / Grade 1 Registered Architect / Type 2 Electrician /
Inheritance Support Consultant / Grade 1 Financial Planner / Mortgage Advisor

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