Vol. 04 The 4 Things to Know For a Student Looking for a Room

Living in a new city can bring about many concerns and feelings of unease.

A home is a place where lots of time is spent, so let's choose wisely.

Making sure to get all of the proper information and knowledge can help in finding the best room!


First, let's decide the area based on if wanting to live near your school or an environment focusing on ease of access for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, etc.

CASE 1 Priority on school commute
・Save on travel expenses
・Not a morning person
・I want to focus on my studies
CASE 2 Priority on life outside of school
・Get a part-time job
・Live near the city center

How do you allocate money when working with a limited budget? The cost of rent occupies a large weight and factors into your quality of life.

What portion of your finances should you allocate to rent?

CASE 1 Priority to having a comfy room
・No compromising on room quality
・Live in a newer building
・Have enough space
CASE 2 Priority on other areas of life
・Live fancy when you go out
・Put money into savings
・Save money for travel
Room Layout

Studio style apartment, one room and a kitchen, one room plus dining and kitchen, etc. There are many variations of layouts for student rental properties.

It is important to choose a layout that suits your lifestyle.

What do you want that lifestyle to be?

CASE 1 Separate bath and toilet rooms
・Prefer baths over showers
・Enjoy taking long baths
CASE 2 Unit-baths
・Prefer showers
・Cheaper on rent

Each rental property will come with various facilities available, so let's choose what is best for you.

CASE 1 Priority on security
・Automatic locks
・Security cameras
・Video intercom system
CASE 2 Priority on waterworks
・Big kitchen
・Free standing bathroom sink with cabinets
・Separate area for laundry machines