Vol. 03 Checklist when Looking for a Room for Corporate Housing

Is your company looking for a lease for corporate housing? It can be quite difficult for the person in charge of finding the right place.

Whether that is because of a sudden job transfer in the company or the expansion of your firm, let's understand the key points for what is needed before signing a lease on corporate housing.

The Contract

Whenever a business decides to close on a leasing contract, it is important to know if the contract is to be designated with the head office or a specific branch.

Also, when using an intermediary company to help you find your company-leased property make sure to confirm all details with the intermediary company in advance.

The Burden of Pay

Identify if the individual tenant or the company will be covering the burden of expenses such as the real estate broker fees, insurance fees (fire insurance), the lease guarantor, key issuing fees, etc.


Give advance notice for any contract specifications such as wanting to use your own company's fire insurance.


The tenant that will live in the company-leased rental is almost always the guarantor when one is required.

Depending on the rental property, the documents to prepare may be different. Be sure to turn in documents plenty early in case there are different items that must be completed.

Other Conditions

Prepare to inform the maximum amount of rent and total expenses the company is willing to spend on the tenant.

Have any other conditions ready such as minimum square meters or room layout restrictions.