Vol. 02 Tricks to Finding a Good Place to Live

Let's put together a list of suitable rentals with your own conditions for what you want and need.

Your ideal rental might take time to find, but if you can get good at gathering the necessary information you might be able to find the best room in a very short amount of time.


With the internet it takes barely any time to find available rooms. It's quite convenient.

It is very easy to adapt your search filter to match places in a particular area or train line.

Cell Phone

Use your cell phone to make an inquiry in a place you have interest, whether inside or outside.

Information Magazines

There is a slight delay from the time the property information is listed until it is made public at our offices, but be at ease as the information posted is all carefully chosen and reviewed.

Walk the area

Once you have a decent grasp of where you want to live, let's take a walk through the neighborhood.

Make sure to check the surrounding environment and see how convenient the location will be. These are things you can't sense the same through a website or magazine.

Make the extra step and see what it's like with your own eyes.

Identifying Real Estate Agencies

There are roughly two types of real estate agencies.

There are agencies that put their efforts into attracting many customers looking for rooms and there are agencies that own many properties and focus on their management and upkeep.

Let's identify what type of real estate agency you have found when you arrive.

Going to a Real Estate Agency

The services offered at real estate agencies like counseling and guiding you around town are free and you do not need to worry about making any payments during the home search part of the process.

Please, ask whatever questions you may have.